Avoid death by overwhelming coinage! Master the ancient Japanese art of precise spending. Learn this talent before your travels, or be burdened with unnecessary change.

Try to receive the fewest possible number of coins back as change. Too many coins, and they will become cursed.


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Would be cool with a counter that compares your number of coin returned with the minimum possible.

Or simply give the lowest number of coins that can be returned in each transaction. Some way to compare your choice to the best possible choice if you want as few coins as possible.

But that might ruin the "zen" of it, really cool game!

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. Right now the game code doesn't actually track the lowest number of possible coins returned in each transaction. It only notices if you have more than 4 one yen coins, for example. Both the math and the programming of the best possible choice were a bit complicated for me - this was my first attempt at programming anything and I had to learn from scratch.


Delightful, zen-like, and builds a genuinely necessary life skil.

Thank you.

Bug:  Mute state resets on changing game section ("Learn ancient technique")

(I love the sounds, though)

Bug (?):  Undo in first section seems to reset progress toward "Learn ancient technique" section.

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Thanks! And thanks for the reports!