Avoid death by overwhelming coinage! Master the ancient Japanese art of precise spending. Learn this talent before your travels, or be burdened with unnecessary change.

Try to receive the fewest possible number of coins back as change. Too many coins, and they will become cursed.

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GenreEducational, Puzzle, Simulation
Made withGIMP, Audacity, Godot
Tagscoins, japan, japanese, money, Short, travel
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My dad showed me this game when we were in Japan after I brought up how many coins I'd amassed. A little over a month later and I'm still playing it-- I even managed to beat your high score (I got 57)! It's a lot of fun to play and also worthwhile, this summer I'll be living in Japan for a couple months and I now feel confident paying quickly using coins which is a good skill to have! That said, I prefer to save those 100 yen coins for when I inevitably stumble upon a gachapon machine lol. Thanks for making this fun game! I've shared it with a couple of my Japanese friends and they love it too.

Thanks! There's a Japanese language version called 小銭の達人 if you wanna show your Japanese friends:


I did! I translated the parts for the english one about tourists unable to swim because of their heavy coins for them and they all laughed lol

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Amazing game!! I love that it gives me time to focus on a problem I face every day but never slow down and think about. I'm trying to figure out a mental algorithm to help with the speed round (couldn't easily find one on google)

Bug: the game doesn't seem to be able to give back 1000 notes as change

The price was 576.

I had a 500, a 100, a 5 and a 1

I wanted to use all of them, for a total of 1606 (which should give me back change of a 1000 note and three 10s)

Instead, the game gave me back two cursed 500s and three 10s

Not sure if this is intentional, but I would imagine that a customer would normally want to do what I did

Please disregard!

I'm sorry - realizing that I shouldn't have given the 1000 note in the first place - just 606. That was my bad

No worries! Technically, still a bug, the game should have given you a cursed 1000, but I never made one of those.

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Here thanks to terry cavanagh. incredibly useful game !

Did he post about it somewhere?



Deleted 1 year ago


Thank you!

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Would be cool with a counter that compares your number of coin returned with the minimum possible.

Or simply give the lowest number of coins that can be returned in each transaction. Some way to compare your choice to the best possible choice if you want as few coins as possible.

But that might ruin the "zen" of it, really cool game!

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. Right now the game code doesn't actually track the lowest number of possible coins returned in each transaction. It only notices if you have more than 4 one yen coins, for example. Both the math and the programming of the best possible choice were a bit complicated for me - this was my first attempt at programming anything and I had to learn from scratch.


Delightful, zen-like, and builds a genuinely necessary life skil.

Thank you.

Bug:  Mute state resets on changing game section ("Learn ancient technique")

(I love the sounds, though)

Bug (?):  Undo in first section seems to reset progress toward "Learn ancient technique" section.

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Thanks! And thanks for the reports!